New Venue FAQ - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

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We are excited to introduce you to what will be LIB’s new home this May, Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area in Kern County, California. Buena Vista Lake is an upgrade to the LIB experience in nearly every way with more grass, more shady trees, and a massive coastline.
The land on the venue is flat and the layout is much more consolidated so we will be able to keep all areas of the campgrounds closer to the festival grounds than in years past. And finally, we will be offering a lower ticket capacity for less total attendees than the last few years.
Altogether, this adds up to a more comfortable, easier to traverse, and more intimate LIB experience compared to our last few years in Bradley. Please check out our Venue FAQ for more details on our new home and get answers to any questions about the move you may have.


Is there a lake at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?

YES! LIB once again has a huge shoreline along a beautiful lake!


Can we swim in the Lake at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?

YES! There will be designated swimming areas.


Is there grass at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?



Will the music still run as late as in years past?

YES! The music schedule on the main and secondary stages will be the same as previous years.


Can we have fires and open flame grills?

NO! Enclosed propane grills are acceptable in the camping areas but NO open flame or charcoal grills will be allowed.


Can there be sound systems in campgrounds?

NO! Just like our past venues, unauthorized sound systems are NOT permitted at LIB.


Can we bring boats or motorized vessels?



What is the terrain like at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?

It’s mostly flat, which means no more hills! This venue also has grass, trees and a longer coastline for your enjoyment.


What will the new attendance capacity be?

The attendance capacity of LIB 2019 will be reduced to 20,000 patrons.


Are there RV spots with Power Hook-ups at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?



Will it be hot?

We can’t tell the weather of the future, but Kern County is known to average in the low eighties during the beginning of May.


Will there be as much dust?

We anticipate that this venue will be less dusty, based off the terrain. However some camping areas will be dustier than others. We recommend that everyone bring a scarf or bandana in case the wind kicks up!


Will there be camping?

YES! Walk-in Camping is included with your purchased Festival Pass. If you wish to experience Boutique Camp, Car Camping or RV Camping those additional options are available for purchase on our ticketing pages.


Will the campgrounds fill-in process be the same?

Essentially, YES! Detailed campground maps and entrance procedures will be released in the coming weeks.

Will there still be 5-Day and 4-Day Festival Passes? And will there be designated campgrounds for Wednesday arrival?

YES! 5-Day Festival Passes will grant early entry on Wednesday (referred to as the Early Arrival Pass in years past), and 4-Day Festival Passes will grant entry starting Thursday.


Will there be ADA services?



Will there be Lightning Buses?

YES! Learn more about Lightning Buses on our ticket page.


Will there be Family Camp?

YES! More information about registration coming soon.


Will there be Boutique Camp?

YES! Learn more about Boutique Camping on our ticket page.


When will 2019 tickets go on sale?

The 2019 LIB 24 Hour Loyalty Pre-Sale is February 13th @ 10 am PST (access code required).

The Earlybird Sale starts Feb 14th @ 10 am PST.

The GA On-Sale is Saturday Feb 16th @ 10 am PST.


Has the permit for Buena Vista Lake been approved?

YES! The Kern County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the general services contract for Lightning In A Bottle on February 26th. The temporary event permit for the park had been previously approved by the Kern County planning department in January. 


Can I get a refund if the event is cancelled?

LIB is a rain or shine event and will be happening on its scheduled dates. In the unlikely occurrence of event cancellation, all ticket purchases will be refunded.