New Experiences at LIB 2019 - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

New Experiences at LIB 2019

May 1st, 2019

LIB is a week away and we wanted to highlight a few new experiences to look forward to. This year is a year of change. We are ready to embark on this inaugural adventure in our new home. From new art pieces to a new stage, we are ready to show you what we’ve got. Whether you’re new to LIB or a seasoned veteran, we hope the excitement of new experiences and memories is building. We’ll see you soon.

The Venue

Change is the only constant in life and we are excited to embark on this LIB adventure in our new home at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area! With more grass, more shady trees, and a massive coastline, what more do you need to create an amazing new LIB experience? We’re looking forward to this new change of scenery and all the benefits that come with it. Let’s take in this new experience together and cultivate a community of celebration and respect.

The Stacks

Three words: brand. new. stage. Replacing our beloved Pagoda Stage is The Stacks ~ your new bass haven. In supporting our ethos of sustainability, this stage is completely made of repurposed materials. With a Psytrance block, multiple crew takeovers, and DJs from all across North America and the UK, we can’t wait to see you at The Stacks.

Playa Rélampago

We’re bringing a piece of the Caribbean to LIB. Long day in the water? Well, this is the perfect place for you. Maybe you get your hips moving during a salsa dance lesson? Or how about expressing yourself in a poetry slam? Don’t worry ~ this beach house party will be going into the late night with DJs playing everything from salsa to hip hop to reggaeton!

The Mixtape

Flashback to the ’80s with The Mixtape. Put down your phone, forget about your music streaming services, and relive a time when your boombox was your most prized possession. Grab your cassette and dance the night away like its 1985.

Meditation Grove

Balance out all that moving and grooving with some time for yourself in the Meditation Grove. Created by our good friend Tigre Bailando, this is a reverent space for mindful gathering and slowing down. At LIB we want you to lose yourself in the interactive environments and activities, but it’s okay to take a step back to reflect, be present, and be mindful. Take a seat in this sacred grove and take it all in.

Big Art

The bigger the better! That’s what we believe when it comes to our larger than life sculptures, stages, and interactive pieces. One of our new pieces, the FireCups, comes to us all the way from Russia. These propane powered fire installations will warm your heart, soul, and mind. With many more new and exciting pieces to look forward to, don’t think we’ve forgotten about our old favorites. Pieces like The Woogie, Beacon, and Swizzle Sticks haven’t gone anywhere. Check out our 2019 Big Art Installation Lineup here!

Art Cars Galore

This year there are more art cars than ever before! A mobile bubble shower, a roaming dance party, and much more wild fun is waiting for you. Happening at LIB and the campgrounds all weekend!

Neptune’s Nannies Childcare

Calling all moms and dads ~ Here is some childcare that sounds so fun you’ll wish you could participate! This year at the Kidz Village, there are certified nannies offering professional childcare through imaginative play and creative expression. And to finish each day, children 5+ can participate in a slumber party filled with games and activities. All nannies are CPR and Lifeline certified. Available Thursday through Sunday. For more Kids & Fam fun, check out this blog post!