Your 2019 Big Art Installation Lineup! - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Your 2019 Big Art Installation Lineup!

April 4th, 2019

Art is a substantial part of the overall LIB experience. We aim to inspire and excite our LIB fam by housing big, interactive artworks that create an atmosphere where various types of creativity and engagement are encouraged. Around every turn, something beautiful, new, strange, funny, and out of your comfort zone will welcome and embrace you.

Here is a quick glimpse of the Big Art you’re going to discover at LIB!  

Chip and Terra by B.Y.T.E.

B.Y.T.E. presents a fully interactive art experience, Chip and Terra, that invites LIB’ers to dance, pose and play, and chill either on top, underneath or around these two art structures.  

B.Y.T.E.’s designs inspire to enlighten LIB’ers about the future of Robot’s rights and the potential harmony that can be struck between humankind and its creation.

DUNE and ZooFun Giraffes by Jason Nogoy

The DUNE and ZooFun Giraffes enhance human connection through its interactive art design created by Craft House Design.


The DUNE takes LIB’ers on a journey that encourages free-spirits to wander through a gentle and playful meandering landscape of color and light moving across the grounds of the DUNE.

ZooFun Giraffes

The ZooFun Giraffes is a curious gang of tall creatures that can be found on the grounds of Lightning in a Bottle anxiously waiting for you to enjoy a little dance underneath their bellies.

FireCups by Peter Shpayer

FireCups is a propane powered fire installation brought from Russia. These art structures warm the hearts, bodies, and minds of beautiful souls while brightening its visitors’ LIB experience.

Sitting Person by Matthieu Dagorn

A giant, colorful sculpture of a sitting person composed of recycled resources from the surrounding lands of LIB invites you to join its space and restore your woogie. Matthieu’s art piece will be placed in the North direction, back to the sun to provide a shaded zone for people to hide from the summer sun and chill.

Photographic Murals by PACHA

These murals display a unique style of photography that PACHA’s refers to as ‘Soul Portraits.’ The content captured is inspired by unknown acts of a creative play that opens opportunities for ‘humans to be seen’ and vulnerabilities to be shared.

Rainbow Fiber Forest by Odyssey Designs

The Rainbow Fiber Forest is a crochet yarn bomb installation that welcomes you to walk through the whimsical world of fiber art created by Odyssey Designs. Inspired by nature, this life-size ornament ignites a sense of wonder and possibility through the meditative process of handmade crochet.

The Awesome Wall by Mike Grimm

The Awesome Wall is here to intensify your light show and awaits for enthusiastic LIB’ers to jump up and dance in front of it. This hand-made wall is composed of LED lights that are activated and animated by your movement.

Platform Seating by Trevor Wyse

Platform Seating will provide a resting area near the Woogie stage for LIB’ers to kick back and relax while remaining connected to the atmosphere of the dance floor and performers. These seats replenish your energy by providing a peaceful spot to rest your feet, nap, and enjoy intimate conversations with new friends.

Vortex by Chromaforms

Vortex is an art interactive art piece which features a rotating vertical structure that LIB’ers can spin by controlling the hand-wheel found at its base. This piece is embellished by layered panels climbing 20-ft into the air which reflect a diversified color scheme that aesthetically lights up the LIB sky.